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About Us

Māju Fabrika is a company founded on the basis of family traditions and the experience of several generations in building houses.

This knowledge, interwoven with the rapidly advancing development of materials and technologies of the modern construction industry, allows the company to offer customers a truly high-quality service and final product.

Wood Frame of House

Why clients choose us

We are a company with a lot of experience in the construction of wooden frame buildings. We have implemented projects of individual residential houses, semi-detached houses, as well as the construction of commercial objects.
Each customer order is fulfilled with great responsibility and accuracy.


Wall panel

External wooden finish
Wooden lath 45×45 mm
Steico protect 40 mm
Wooden frame 45×195 mm
Rock wool 200 mm
Wooden lath 44×45 mm
Rock wool 50 mm
Vapor barrier
Plasterboard 12,5 mm

Roof panel

Roof material
OSB 22 mm
Wooden lath 44×44 mm
Wind film
Wooden frame 45×195 mm
Rock wool 200 mm

Floor panel

Floor covering insulation
OSB-3 22 mm
Wooden frame 45×195 mm
Rock wool 200 mm
Wooden lath 44×45 mm
Vapor barrier or wind diffusion membrane
OSB-3 22 mm

The structure of the panels can be adjusted according to the customer's wishes or the requirements of the building regulations of a specific country.

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